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Face & Body Wax in Kitchener
Face & Body Wax in Waterloo
Men's Waxing in Kitchener
Men's Waxing in Waterloo

Full Legs $65 +HST

Removes hair from ankle to hip – includes feet & toes| 60 min.


Upper Leg $45 +HST

Removes hair from knee to hip – does not include feet & toes| 45 min.


Lower Leg $45 +HST

Removes hair from knee to ankle – includes feet & toes| 30 min.


Feet & Toes $15 +HST

Removes hair from tops of feet & toes| 5 min.


Underarm $25 +HST | 15 min.


Full Arms $40 +HST

Removes hair from wrist to shoulder – includes hands & fingers | 35 min.

Half Arms $30 +HST

Removes hair from upper or lower arm – lower arm includes hands & fingers| 30 min.

Hands & Fingers $10  +HST


Full Back, Shoulders & Neck $65 +HST | 45 min.

Upper Back $40 +HST

Removes hair from neckline to mid-back| 15 min.

Lower Back $40 +HST

Removes hair from mid-back to waist line. | 15 min.

Shoulders $25 +HST |15 min.

Neck $25  +HST|10 min.


Abdomen and Chest  $65 +HST

Removes hair from neck to pant line.|60 min.


Chest $45 +HST

Removes hair from upper torso.| 30 min.


Full Stomach $40 +HST

Removes hair from below chest to pant line |15 min.


Bikini line Wax $35 +HST

Removes all hair outside the panty line and on top – does not include Back bottoms. | 25 min.


Buttocks Wax $35 +HST

Removes all hair on the bum cheeks – includes all of the hair between the cheeks. | 25 min.

Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our services & product's prices at

any time without further notice.

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