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Chemical Peels in Kitchener

Paty Cholewczynski did her Esthetics 6 month internship in the Spring of 2008 at The University of Chicago’s Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Department. Under the guidance of the Dr’s surgical team and nurses she learned the ins and outs of Chemical exfoliation.


If you are dedicated to taking good care of your skin and avoid uv rays as much as possible, Paty will introduce you to the most cutting edge technological advances in chemical exfoliation for skin care, that will give you a leg up on your skin's concerns and issues.  She has used for over 10 yrs in her practice and in her personal skin care regimen PCA Skin.  


PCA Skin. includes both professional treatments and daily products. PCA skin products can get your skin on track so that you can discover how beautiful your complexion can be. 

Book your pre-consultation today! 

Chemical Peels & Exfoliation

Chemical Peel 2020 Season

begins on September 30th. 


A consultation MUST take place prior to receiving

any of the Chemical Peels listed below 2 weeks before any scheduled treatment. 


PLEASE NOTE:  A Chemical Peel, can not be booked to be performed on the same day of your consultation. 


PCA Skin peels have no down time and are an excellent way to treat a number of skin conditions including acne, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage along with the sensitive skin of rosacea and those being treated with chemotherapy.  We offer a comprehensive range of peels to ensure results every time for every condition. As your PCA Skin certified esthetician I will select the perfect formulation, customizing your treatment to give your skin all it needs to produce a glowing, more radiant complexion and healthy skin.

A consultation must take place prior to receiving any of the Chemical Peels listed below. Your skin prep routine will include a PCA Skin home care product that must be used at least 2 weeks prior to receiving these peels.  Also, all chemical exfoliation treatments include in the price a must use post treatment kit that will enhance and maintain your outstanding results.  The price also includes a $75 Express Facial that must be booked 14-17 after your Chemical Peel. 


Redeemable towards skin prep product.

$60 +HST / 30 Mins


PCA Vitamin Boost  

Vitamin A boost is a potent and pure retinol and lactic acid resurfacing treatment. It reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation by boosting collagen production and speeding cell turnover, creating a more radiant and even-toned complexion. 

$225 +HST / 30 Mins


PCA Detox Clear

Detox Clear contains salicylic acid and lactic acid for excellent pore penetration and exfoliation. Salicylic acid penetrates into the pore and exfoliates dead skin cells and excess sebum. Lactic acid exfoliates dead skin cells and hydrates. Eucalyptus provides strong astringent properties which work to smooth skin, minimize pore size, reduce acne and prevent new pimples from forming.

$255 +HST / 30 Mins


PCA Radiant Glow

With lactic and salicylic acid, radiant 20/10 resurfacing peel contains a powerful combination of them both which improves skin tone and texture
by exfoliating dead skin cells and speeding cell turnover. This multipurpose resurfacing peel reduces acne, pimples and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, hyper-pigmentation and sun damage.

$275 +HST / 30 Mins


PCA NoPeel Peel

The NoPeel Peel is a professional peel that provides mild exfoliation with minimal to no downtime. This peel uses a combination of Gluconalactone, lactic, and Salicyilic acid.  This gentle and calming superficial peel removes impurities, detoxifies pores, and promotes skin resurfacing and renewal for a smoother, brighter-looking complexion.   Please note that although peeling is not expected with this treatment, some clients may experience light peeling!

$260 +HST / 30 Mins

PCA Oxygenating Trio Peel

Our Perfecting Peel combined wit our 3-step treatment designed to promote a radiant, healthy glow by detoxifying and stimulating oxygenation and circulation to rejuvenate sluggish, stressed or acne-affected skin. Perfect treatment before an event.  * This treatment price do not include post peel kit or post procedure express facial. 

$200 +HST / 60 Mins

The price listed above on 4 of our 5 face peels includes a $102.00 post procedure care kit to be used for 10 days after your treatment.  


We always recommend a series of 3-6 treatments

for corrective results.

Chemical Peel Instructions


Pre-Peel Instructions

You will be having a light peel treatment on the day of your appointment.  Please follow the outline below to prepare.

  • Use of PCA SKIN® daily care products prior to your peel will prepare the skin, allow for better treatment results and reduce the risk of complications. This is recommended but not mandatory. Please consult your physician or skin care clinician for appropriate recommendations for your skin type and condition.

It is recommended that you take the following into consideration:

  • For best results and to reduce the risk of complications, it is recommended that you use PCA SKIN® daily care products 10 to 14 days prior to treatment or be under a skin care routine approved by your esthetician.

  • If you are lactating, pregnant or may be pregnant, only an Oxygenating Trio® or Detox Gel Deep Pore Treatment is appropriate.  Consult your OB/GYN before receiving any treatment. 

  • Do not go to a tanning bed two weeks prior to treatment. This practice should be discontinued due to the increased risk of skin cancer and signs of aging.

  • It is recommended that extended sun exposure be avoided, especially in the 10 days prior to treatment.

  • It is recommended to discontinue the use of tretinoin, Retin-A®, Renova®, Differin®, Tazorac®, Avage®, EpiDuo™, Ziana® and high-percentage AHA and BHA products for approximately Ten days prior to treatment. Consult your physician before temporarily discontinuing use of any prescribed topicals .

  • If you are planning to have a Botox or fillers procedures, please book your chemical peel appointment 2-3 days after your Botox or Fillers procedure.  Also, check with your Botox or Filler procedure practitioner the recommended time they suggest for your individual case. 


PCA SKIN® superficial peels result in little to no downtime but create dramatic and visible results. Treatments may cause slight redness, tightness, peeling, flaking or temporary dryness.  Most patients find it unnecessary to apply makeup, as the skin will be smooth, dewy and radiant following your treatment. 

Post-Peel Instructions

Two days post-procedure:

  • Stay cool! Heating internally can cause hyperpigmentation.

  • Do not put the treated area directly into a hot shower spray.

  • Do not use hot tubs, steam rooms or saunas.

  • Do not go swimming.

  • Do not participate in activities that would cause excessive perspiration.

  • Do not use loofahs or other means of mechanical exfoliation on the treated area.

  • Do not direct a hair dryer onto the treated area.

  • Do not apply ice or ice water to the treated area.

  • It will be best to book your peel treatment for a time when you know you will not have to wear a face mask for extended periods of time for the first 2-3 days post procedure.

General guidelines:

  • After receiving a PCA SKIN® professional treatment, you should not necessarily expect to 'peel'. However, light flaking in a few localized areas for several days is typical. Most patients who undergo these treatments have residual redness for approximately one to twelve hours post-procedure.

  • As with all peels and treatments, it is recommended that makeup not be applied the day of treatment, as it is ideal to allow the skin to stabilize and rest overnight.

  • To minimize side effects and maximize results use the Post-Procedure Products for 7-10 days or until flaking has resolved.

  • If the skin feels tight, apply Medi-Soothe  to moisturize as needed. For maximum hydration, you can apply Medi-Soothe under Recovery Cream.

  • Medi-Soothe should be applied at least twice a day but can be applied more frequently for hydration and to decrease the appearance of flaking.

  • It is recommended that other topical, over-the-counter medications or alpha hydroxy acid, retinoids products not be applied to the skin 7-10 days post procedure, as they may cause irritation.

  • It is recommended to delay use of tretinoin, Retin-A®, Differin®, Renova®, Tazorac®, Avage® EpiDuo™ or Ziana® seven days post-procedure.  Consult your physician before temporarily discontinuing use of any prescribed topicals.

  • Avoid direct sun exposure and excessive heat. Use a SPF 30+ daily for broad-spectrum UV protection daily. We recommend EltaMD SPF 40.

  • Do not go to a tanning bed for at least two weeks post-procedure. This practice should really be discontinued due to the increased risk of skin cancer and signs of aging.

  • Do not pick or pull on any loosening or peeling skin. This could potentially cause hyperpigmentation.

  • Do not have electrolysis, facial waxing or use depilatories for approximately 7-10 days.

  • Do not have another treatment until your dermal therapist advises you that is ok to do so.

Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our services & product's prices at any time without further notice.

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