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Shoreline Glow Spray Tanning in Kitchener
Shoreline Glow Spray Tanning in Kitchener
After Spray Tan Care

To keep your tan in a tip top condition you have to know the steps for the after spray tan care.


Caring for your spray tan starts the minute your session is finished. While the spray tan is still very fresh it is very vulnerable to getting ruined, so you have to be very careful with it.


Wait till it is totally dry to the touch and then put on some loose, dark clothes. Loose, so that your tan does not rub off, and dark, because some bronzers are very dark and you might finish with brown smudges on your clothing (It would not ruin your clothing, and should wash off in the washer) If you can avoid wearing underwear, especially a bra, that would be really good and don’t even think about putting on tight jeans or leggings.


The first 2 hours are the most crucial, because that is when most of the tan develops. The worst enemy of your tan is water, so if it is raining do not venture outside or you will turn spotty. If you are sweating, slow down, find a place with an air conditioner and make sure that you stay dry. Read a book, go to the movies, play on the computer; do anything that will keep you still and calm.  Also, baby drool and doggy kisses are known for ruining a perfect tan! 


Your spray tanning technician will advise you how long you have to wait before you can shower. Some solutions such as the express solution take not more than 2 hours to fully develop, others 12 hours. The average is about 6-8 hours.  

I usually keep mine overnight and shower in the morning.

When you shower the first time, you might think that all your tan is being washed away, but it is only the color guide bronzer. The real tan has developed in the top layer of your skin and a shower will not remove it.


For the whole duration of your tan avoid body scrubs and long, hot showers or baths. Maybe the first couple of day only use body soap (do not use Dove soap as it tends to lift the color faster) in the areas the required soap if you know what I mean. Quick, cool showers are fine. Pat your skin dry as opposed to vigorous rubbing.  Always shampoo your hair facing down, don't let the suds run down your body as certain brands might lift your tan. 


Your tan’s best friend is a moisturizer, just make sure it doesn't contain any mineral oil as this ingredient will lift your tan as well. Use it morning and night to keep your tan looking fresh and would also help with fading out evenly because dry skin flakes off easily lifting your tan easily.


The most important thing – make sure that you stay away from the sun.  Just because your skin is now brown, it does not mean that it is protected from getting burned in any way. Your skin has not developed any melanin and is just as vulnerable to sunburn as if you would be lily white.  Always...even on cloudy days remember to wear SPF 30+ to protect your beautiful skin no matter what. 


If you follow those simple steps for spray tan care, you will enjoy your flawless tan for 7 days or more!

We are now offering Glo Moisturizing soap bar to protect the longevity of your tan.  Available now at Shoreline Glow for $16

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