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OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial

OxyGeneo™ is a new facial treatment that goes beyond microdermabrasion by adding deep facial rejuvenation through the use of revitalizing nutrients to promote skin oxygenation. The strength of OxyGeneo™ is in its superior anti-aging abilities: the ability to help plump and hydrate your skin while increasing collagen and restoring your skin’s youthful glow; all in one treatment.

OxyGeneo™ facials have been tested to be suitable for all skin types–sensitive skin, pigmentation and even scarred skin (that normally would not be suitable for abrasive treatments)–can all be treated by OxyGeneo™.

What Are the Benefits of OxyGeneo®?

  • It cleans the skin deeply, removes dead cells and provides oxygen to the skin.

  • It tightens skin by softening fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Reduces the appearance of dry and pale skin and confers it a brighter appearance.

  • It moisturizes and revitalizes the skin.

  • Skin gains a healthy, smooth and vivid appearance.

  • It helps to balance the skin tone


What measures should be taken after the application?

After the treatment, one may returned to his/her daily life easily. Some skin tension and slight dryness may be felt, in that case use of a moisturizer is recommended by your Esthetician.  A sunscreen should be used for a period of at least 24 hours following the application and swimming, going to sauna and taking a bath should be avoided for one week.


How often should the application be performed?

In order to achieve permanent and effective results, it is recommended to perform application of OxyGeneo(R) for 6 sessions at 1- week intervals.  It can also be done every change of Season or before a special event.   Before this or any other facial treatment, please discontinue the use of any retinol or AHA's serums at least 5 days before your scheduled appointment. 


What are the contraindications of OxyGeneo(R) application?

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding women,

  • Presence of warts, eczema, skin rash, and tenderness, swelling or acne on the area of application,

  • OxyGeneo(R) treatment is not recommended for people with pacemakers.



The ideal treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, the 100% therapeutic active ingredients found in both the Revive OxyPod and Revive Serum complement each other to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase firmness and elasticity and prevent premature skin aging. 


(With the highest concentration of vitamin C) Ideal treatment for uneven & dull complexions, Brightens and evens skin tone, Reduces Signs of aging, Protects from sun damage.



(With active bamboo charcoal) Ideal treatment for oily & acne-prone skin types, Promotes a youthful complexion, Deeply hydrates dry skin, Proactively rejuvenates skin.


Hydrate with Blue Spirulina massages the active ingredients into your skin using our one-of-a-kind hydrating OxyPods and is followed by our unique hydration serum for unparalleled skin nourishment and hydration.⠀⠀⠀

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Oxygeneo Facial Kitchener.jpg


Formulated with repairing ingredients: Green Tea Extract, Marula Oil, White Water Lily and Shea Butter, Detox is perfect for those looking to fight environmental damage and soothe skin.

OxyGeneo™ Facial Treatment FAQs

Q: Is there downtime after an OxyGeneo™ treatment?

A: There is no downtime. You can immediately return to your daily routine. However, Paty at Shoreline Glow advises clients to use sunscreen following an OxyGeneo™ facial to help protect your skin investment by protecting the skin from pigmentation.


Q: How long does an OxyGeneo™ treatment take?

A: OxyGeneo™ facials normally require a 30 minute appointment to complete.


Q: How does the OxyGeneo™ facial feel?

A: Like any facial massage, OxyGeneo™ is known to be refreshing and comfortable. However, if you have more sensitive skin, you may feel a slight abrasive sensation during the treatment.


Q: What are the results I should expect from an OxyGeneo™ facial?

A: Following your first OxyGeneo™ facial, your skin should immediately feel smoother, with a noticeably more uniform tone. An improvement in skin texture and the appearance of fine lines may also be observed.

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