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Shoreline Glow

Bronzing Studio & Spa


Is a By Appointment Only Skin Care Studio under the management and owned by Paty Cholewczynski a certified Esthetician and Nail Technician.


Paty's passion and commitment to its clients is skin care protection.  Her pledge is to always provide the best service possible and to only use the best products available in skin aging prevention. Because we are in the skin care industry, we understand that now more than ever individuals want to be In and seek a tanned look to include it into their fashion repertoire.  But by the same token all of us are aware that sun damage and premature aging caused by prolonged exposure to harmful UVA & UVB rays is out. For that reason Shoreline Glow was born and obtaining a gorgeous and radiant sunless tanning just got better and easier with spray-on tanning.  


  • Say No more to tanning beds with extreme harmful aging UV rays.  

  • Say No more to extended hours basking in your back yard under a depleted ozone layer.

  • Say No more to age spots, fine lines, premature wrinkles and leather looking skin in your 40s.

  • Say Yes to a quick, safe and effective way to have your cake and eat it too!!! 


Why Spray Tanning?


  • We use a 99% natural based solution  

  • Never Orange 

  • Never Streaky

  • No alcohol

  • No harmful chemicals

  • No artificial fragrances

  • Skin treatment and sunless tanner in one

  • Aromatherapy and skin firming treatment

  • Three strength formulas available; Light (6% DHA), Medium (8% DHA), Dark (12% DHA)  

  • Natural, deep bronzed color

  • Color that suits all skin types

  • Fades evenly

  • Stays longer 10 minute application - minimal drying time required 

  • Perfect Results Every Time!







Shoreline Glow Spray Tanning in Kitchener
Shoreline Glow Spray Tanning in Kitchener
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