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Shoreline Glow Spray Tanning in Kitchener
Before Spray Tan
Follow these steps to ensure the
very best results.
  • Fresh shower... But not 4hrs prior to your session.  (Avoid Dove soap as it leaves a film that can block the solution from developing properly)

  • Exfoliate your skin (don't use exfoliation scrubs that may contain oils) when exfoliating pay particular attention to elbows, ankles, knees and top of hands and feet.  Also it is best to exfoliate your whole body after you have washed your hair in order to remove any hair conditioner oils residue. 

  • Refrain from eyelash tinting 12 hrs before as it may react with the solution  

  • No deodorant or perfumes (the solution turns green)

  • No lotions or moisturizers (creates barrier between your skin and solution might not take)

  • No make-up or Jewelry

  • It is best to shave/wax at least 12 hours before tanning.

  • Manicures, pedicures, facials & body massages are best done 24hrs prior to your tanning session.

  • Wear an old bathing suit or old dark under garments.

  • Wear dark loose clothes (no jeans or tights) and flip flops.

  • Long hair should be pinned up  

  • Bring old towel to sit on in your car after tanning session.

  • Cash Or E-transfer accepted only.

  • We can provide you with disposable attire for an extra cost.  $6.00 for Disposable Bra & Underwear

  • If rain in the forecast.  Bring umbrella, dark long sleeves hoodie and loose dark long pants and cover your feet too. 

  • If you have a recent sunburn or are shedding skin please be aware that the solution is slightly acidic and might accelerate the peeling of your skin and your tan will not look flawless.  Depending of the severity of your sunburn and skin shedding,  Shoreline Glow reserves the right to reschedule your appointment for a different date for when the sunburn and skin shedding has resolved typically within a week.  

Shoreline Glow Spray Tanning in Kitchener
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