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Breath work, deliberate cold exposure and contrast therapy (infrared sauna and ice bath)


------ No longer Offering Manicures ------


Classic Spa Pedicure $65 +HST

Zen Pedicure

Our Zen Pedicure treatment begins with a warm softening ritual and soak followed by custom nail and cuticle maintenance. This is followed by a luxurious treatment mask that exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, detoxifies and eliminates impurities, leaving your skin smooth, clear and bright.  An organic body lotion is applied for a decadent foot massage that will leave your feet feeling renewed and pampered followed by your favorite nail polish color.

$70 +HST / 80 Mins

Jelly Soak Treatment Pedicure

A fun and innovative foot bath treatment is coming to Shoreline Glow! This soak is made up of a special blend of essential plants oils including the extracts of Aloe Vera and Ginseng. An aromatherapy powder miraculously turns water into a gel-like consistency. Feet will be submerged relieving tension and pain. Your relaxation will begin with a 10 min soak in the special formulated jelly solution to moisturize your skin followed by the steps in the Zen pedicure.


Scents: Lavender, Milk and Honey, Pearl Glow, Rose, Green Tea, Charcoal Detox.

$75 +HST / 85 Mins

First, we soak your tired feet in a mixture of bubbling sea salt to remove all the dirt and soften your skin, then perform nail & cuticle trims. An intensive callous remove procedure is applied to make sure the bottom of your feet is soft and clean. Dead skins on your lower legs will be removed through sugar scrub exfoliation. To soften your skin and lock in the moisture, firming masque will be applied to your feet & removed with hot towels. Hot stones massage procedure will take away all your tiredness and increase blood circulation on your legs. 

Includes: soak in organic sea salt, nail & cuticle treatment, callus remove, sugar scrub, collagen firming masque, collagen lotion cream application, hot stone massage, polish of choice.

$85 +HST / 90 Mins

Safety & Sanitation Practices

At Shoreline Glow our clients rest assured that we take all the necessary prevention in sanitary procedures and sterilization of our pedicure bowls and feet and nail implements as well as our work area. We follow Universal Safety Precautions and wear gloves during our services.  We also believe in educating you honestly about your healthcare and we will let you know if we recommend having your feet

seen by a foot doctor to determine if there is a fungal condition on your skin or nails.   If you have a fungus or your nail technician feel you have characteristics of fungus, it’s our policy that you must switch your appointment to a Thera-Pedi service.

Arriving On Time and Sanitation
Our services are timed so that we can clean and properly disinfect our work stations, equipment and tools between clients with hospital-grade solutions to remove debris, kill bacteria, and prevent the spread of germs. In the pedicure area 20 minutes are required for disinfection solutions to eliminate any viruses, fungus and bacteria. It is important for you to arrive on time for your nail service so that you can experience its full benefit. If you are late, or you have particularly troublesome nails/feet that need extra attention, some portions of your service, such as the massage, may be shortened or skipped all together so that your technician can perform safe disinfection routines between clients and remain on schedule.

Nail Polish and Nail Conditions

We do not use our opened nail polish if we suspect there could be a

fungal condition on your nails & toe nails and will suggest no polish application (recommended) or you are welcome to bring your own nail polish or purchase a new unopened bottle if you choose at our studio to have polish applied during your mani/pedi appointment.  Thanks for your understanding.

Gel/Shellac on Toenails

At Shoreline Glow we do not do GEL/SHELLAC on toenails and do not remove them.  If you are coming for a pedicure at our studio, please have all GEL/SHELLAC nails removed prior to your visit.

Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our services & product's prices at

any time without further notice.

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