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Terahertz Facial Tools & Acne Prone Skin

Can you use these type of tools if you have acne?

The answer is YES! 💪

This terahertz face tools collection is not only amazing for all skin types but it's particular beneficial for acneic-prone skin. The terahertz waves vibrates 1 trillion times per second and help normalize cell activity which is something acneic prone skin struggles with. This face tools can be used as a thermal/cooling treatment, as terahertz has high thermal conductivity.

For acneic prone skin just dip in cold water or ice cubes in 10 seconds to use as thermal/cooling therapy. Shown in this pic I have them both in ice since I like the cool therapy for my skin during the summer months.

If you are dealing with cystic acne this is great tool to help calm down the inflammation from any pimple and avoid post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

Please Note: If you are going to practice gua sha, you should avoid rolling the tools over active breakouts but you can focus on the rest of the face to reduce stagnation and encourage lymph drainage which will help you move stagnated fluid and help reduce acne breakouts.

The minute you feel a deep pimple starting to form on your skin, get your gua sha stone in some ice, and apply the cold stone to the affected area morning and night if possible. As the stone warms up put it back in the ice and do it again. The longer you do this routine the better. You will notice that either the pimple never surfaces to the visible part of your skin and goes away or the pimple will appear faster on the skin as a white head easy to extract without minimal PIH of the skin left behind.

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