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For a clean, gender-neutral scent, look no further than the DedCool Fragrance 01 Taunt . The blend of bergamot, amber, vanilla, and fresh dew is subtle, with a sweet and sensual effect. It's the ultimate pick for the cool person on your list.


Number 1: Evoke an aura of confidence. This scent smells like the tinges of butterflies from budding flirtation, intensifying your own uniqueness and throwing caution to the wind


Top Notes: Bergamot, Fresh Dew
Middle Notes: Floral, Cassis
Bottom Notes: Vanilla, Amber


DedCool is making changes in the traditional fragrance space by choosing to use the term “clean” as opposed to “natural”.  The term 100% Natural carries no official weight in the beauty industry (it’s just more complex), that’s why Dedcool chooses to use clean ingredients, where science is involved & health standards are met. By not using 100% essential oils it allows them to develop more complex and diverse scent profiles. 

Fragance 01 "Taunt"

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