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In the Mila d'Opiz Concentrate Collection, every drop is precious! 


A drop is 3 to 5 times more concentrated and active than a traditional ampoule. The ampoules are resealable and therefore have a longer shelf life. Each concentrate (ampoule) has its own effect:

- Hydration: Hydrating and moisturizing
- Nourish and Calm: Calm, soften
- Lifting: Lifting effect
- Hyaluron
- Vitamin C

Nourish and Calm
Has soothing and nourishing properties. Regenerates the skin and is suitable for all ages.

Soothes irritations. This makes it very suitable for men's skin, for example after shaving.

Dropper not included, but necessary to properly dispense the concentrate. Click here to purchase the dropper.

Nourish & Calm Concentrate

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