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Are you ready for a 20 minute wellness program with an immediate effect? 

The anti-aging power face mask  intensively counteracts chronological and hormonal skin aging. The nonwoven mask is soaked in a high-dose complex of active ingredients from the most valuable apple and grape stem cells. These ensure an immediate and  maximum lifting and anti-aging effect. In addition, they vitalize and hydrate your facial skin in depth, so that the moisture content of your skin is increased long-term. Your complexion immediately looks firmer, fresher, more even and smoother.

✓ Immediate lifting effect

✓ Deep hydration for a fresh, radiant complexion

✓ Highly effective plant active ingredients against chronological and hormonal skin aging.

20 ml/mask

Stem Cells Mask

  • Full return with receipt of purchase and unopened product within 15 days.  After 15 days with receipt of purchase and unopened product only store credit will be given.

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