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Terahertz is a gemstone originating from Japan that has excellent heat and cold conducting properties and is known to radiate energy/negative ions. This stone is sometimes worn as jewelry to detox and provide relief for aches and pains. We love it because it gets super cold very quickly and is so soothing to irritated skin, helps depuff eyes, detox, and calm. 


The ancient technique of facial “scraping” and manipulation with specifically shaped stones has long been used to visibly lift and sculpt the jawline, create a lifted looking cheekbone, firm slacking skin, reduce puffy eyes, aid in stimulating and draining toxins from the face, and giving an overall appearance of being rested and rejuvenated. 


The Gua Sha can be used to relieve tension, detox, and relax any area on the body, including neck and shoulder tension, sore hands and feet, or anywhere you need it. The facial effects can be seen immediately and accumulate over time.


I encourage making this a beauty ritual with a CBD skincare product or beauty oil


1 Piece

Teraherz Gua Sha Stone (One)

  • Full return with receipt of purchase and unopened product within 15 days.  After 15 days with receipt of purchase and unopened product only store credit will be given.

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