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These wellness pedicures are performed by a Certified Master Pedicurist and designed for those with complex foot care needs.  Suitable for those with diabetes, immunocompromised systems, arthritis, Athletes, pregnant women, foot and nail disorders such as involuted, eczema and psoriasis, to name a few.   After a health history and foot analysis, a customized service level plan will be discussed.

Initial Consultation & Thera-Pedi

(First Time Clients must book this treatment first. No exceptions)

Service requires Severe & Heavy callus work, excessively dry skin, nail thickness reduction.  Price Includes; Consultation, treatment & a complimentary take home care product.

$125 +HST | 90 min


Thera-Pedi  Level 3

Service requires Severe & heavy callus work, excessively dry skin, nail thickness reduction.   Every 6 weeks booking level. 

Please Note: if more than 6 weeks lapsed from your last visit, a new Consultation & Thera-Pedi Service will be required. 

$100 +HST | 90 min

Thera-Pedi Level 2

Service requires medium callus work, excessively dry skin, nail thickness reduction.  Every 5 weeks booking level

$90 +HST | 75 min

Thera-Pedi Level 1

Service requires Normal callus work, dry skin.  Every 4 weeks booking level

$75 +HST | 60 min

Safety & Sanitation Practices

At Shoreline Glow we practice the most intensive sanitation, disinfection & sterilization procedures.   If you have any disrupted skin condition (i.e. rough skin) it’s our policy that you must schedule a Thera-Pedi.


Guest Intake Form
All first time guests and those who have not received a pedicure at Shoreline Glow within 6 months are required to fill out a confidential history form.  It is very important for the Nail Technician to be aware of any conditions, medications, ailments or other medical concerns before performing a service.


Arriving On Time and Sanitation
Our services are timed so that we can clean and properly disinfect our work stations, equipment and sterilize our equipment and tools between clients with hospital-grade solutions to remove debris, kill microbes, and prevent the spread of germs. In the pedicure area 20 minutes are required for sterilization solutions to eliminate any potential viruses, fungus and bacteria. It is important for you to arrive on time for your nail service so that you can experience its full benefit. If you are late, or you have particularly troublesome nails/feet that need extra attention, some portions of your service, such as the massage, may be shortened or skipped all together so that your technician can perform safe disinfection and sterilization routines between clients and remain on schedule.


Master Pedicurist Available
Paty is a Certified Master Pedicurists. She is a nail and foot care professionals who has received advanced training and knowledge in integral foot care.  CMPs are trained and certified to recognize and provide the most up to date care for foot and nail problems along with various practical methods of management for these problems.


Diabetic Guests
At her studio she takes extra precaution with diabetic guests by having a thorough consultation, tailoring the service to their needs and using  Pediceutical grade products, which are specifically designed and safe for Diabetics because such products are oil free and non-occlusive, allowing the skin to breathe.  A recent medical history form on file is required.


Elderly Guests
We take serious precautions with elderly guests. A recent medical history form is required and consultation is necessary. We will tailor the service to your needs, but typically, the safest procedures require no pushing back cuticles, foot soaking, callus reduction or massage.  We will use our Pediceutical Footlogix product line. Unfortunately, we are unauthorized to assist the guest with getting into the equipment and personal body support, so we suggest bringing a care taker if the guest may be unstable or may need assistance.

Pregnant Guests
We suggest that you talk to your Doctor before receiving a pedicure and bring a Doctor’s note of approval for our records.  We take precaution in massaging pregnant clients and use light touch and long strokes to avoid any potential trigger areas.  If you have a history of blood clots we will not be able to perform the massage.  Paraffin and Hot Stone services are not recommended while pregnant.  


Pedicure Foot Baths
We utilize stainless steel pedicure bowls which replace the traditional style jets known for harboring bacteria.  After each pedicure the bowl is thoroughly sanitized, disinfected & sterilized with a hospital grade solution.


One Time Use Policy
After each client all metal implements are sanitized and submerged in a hospital grade disinfectant and sterilized.  All files, buffers and wood sticks are disposable, one time use per client.


Shaving and Waxing
For your safety do not wax or shave your legs or feet 24 hours prior to a pedicure.


For the protections of all of our clients at Shoreline Glow we practice Universal Safety Precautions and wear gloves during our services.


No Razors
Paty follows State of Illinois Nail Technology regulations (where she obtained her Nail Tech License) therefore, the use of a razor (called a “Credo” blade) to remove calluses is not used in her studio.  The razor blades themselves are never sterile, so when injuries happen, and they do, there is an increase in the chance of infection. The foot files we use for effective callus reduction are made out of stainless steel.  They are sanitized,, disinfected and sterilized after each client.   We have these foot files for sale for sanitary home use.


Cuticle Removal
Also following State of Illinois Nail Technology regulations, the cut or nip living tissue is not performed during any of our pedicure treatments. The eponychium and the cuticle are often confused.  The eponychium is the end of the proximal fold that is located at the base of the natural nail and is living tissue. The cuticle is the dead layer of skin that the eponychium sheds onto the nail plate, which can be safely and gently removed. It is okay to gently push back the eponychium, but cutting or nipping living tissue should always be avoided because there is serious risk of nail infection.

Gel/Shellac on Toenails

At Shoreline Glow we strive to keep your nails and feet healthy, therefore we do not recommend and do not do GEL/SHELLAC on toenails and do not remove them.   Such practice should be discontinued as Gel on toenails can dry out your toenails and weaken them making them prone to infections and fungus.  If you are coming for a pedicure at our studio, please have all GEL/SHELLAC on your toe-nails removed prior to your visit.

Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our services & product's prices at any time without further notice.

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