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One Amazing Workout

At the end of 2011 I began to train to run the 2012 Chicago Marathon and for almost 7 months of training I was doing fantastic. I was running 10 miles a day until my efforts came to a halt due to becoming severly anemic. It took doctors almost a year to figure out that it was a hiatal hernia that was bleeding causing the problem. Being so anemic and with the level of working out I was doing, I was depleting myself to the point of passing out cold in the streets at my studio, while shopping etc.. So I had to stop running, needless to say I never ran the marathon.

Over a year ago, I moved from Chicago to Canada to marry the love of my life. While all my dreams have come true, it has been very difficult to get adjusted to my new life in Canada. I couldn't work for almost a year, I still can't drive and at last this next month my OHIP will kick in, so I'll be able to get my health checked out. I've never felt so not myself, no family, no friends, no work, no studio, no ability to drive, in a strange place.... So this whole past year, I became a bit depressed pretty much living underground (the basement lol) and I have been waiting to be able to regain my identity and feel like I have a normal life once again. The nature of my job always kept me surrounded of wonderful people, I had a purpose to make all those ladies beautiful in my studio and for almost a year I had to wait to start all over again. Dealing with that loss of identity, stress and by becoming suddenly so sedentary caused me to gain weight and I have been struggling to take it off.

A few weeks ago, through my Instagram account, I was friended by one amazing lady that is opening a fitness studio named Revkor™ opening on October 8th in Cambridge, ON.

I was immediately intrigued. Maybe this is the sign I've been waiting to get off my butt and start getting my skinny jeans back to the top of the stack, instead of reaching for my comfy stretchy tights eh? :D

So what is Revkor™ you may ask? Well..... Revkor™ uses a specially designed series of sequences incorporating suspension-based resistance training, with a range of movements inspired by yoga, functional fitness and interval training. I saw the video below and I would say it looks easy, but I've learned my lesson before to say something looks easy until you try it, because I took once a TRX class and I thought I was going to have a heart attack lol.

So for now, I will venture to say that while having not taken the class yet, although it might look like an easy workout, it might still be a bit challenging. But you want it to be that way, otherwise what the point is of a workout right? Also, I can't help but feel when watching the video that this workout not only strengths your body but also your soul. There is something mesmerizing and calming about the movements that keep calling me to the mat. I can totally see that with this class you are able to build muscle, lose weight, and improve cardiovascular conditioning, all while building a strong core and joint stability as the bands both can challenge and assist you.

So, if for some reason you are reading this and find yourself at that same cross road in life as I am, consider this your sign and check out this wonderful "get your life back" studio in Cambridge.

Opening October 8th.

96 Grand Ave. S Cambridge, ON Email:

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