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The Importance of Regular Exfoliation & Chemical Peels

It's scrub, scrub Wednesday ladies... time to give your skin the necessary exfoliation to attain a radiant complexion.

Consistent weekly exfoliation will help your skin get rid of the cornflakes and most of the raisins on your skin, allowing for better absorption of your skin care products whatever they might be. If you are not exfoliating regularly, you are most definitely wasting your money on your skin care products. So jump in the shower today and give your skin some love!

My personal EVERY Wednesday's exfoliating routine is;

  • I exfoliate my feet with a foot file (complimented by a every 3 weeks professional Pedicure)

  • My body with hydrating DIY body scrub

  • My face with The Microdelivery peel by Philosophy.

Also starting every September I begin a series of PCA chemical peels once every 28 days until early April.

That's my secret routine. Might seemed high maintenance but is the least I can do to keep the skin I am in healthy.

Once you do this exfoliating routine on a regular basis, it literally takes you not more than 7 minutes extra in the shower and you can do it either morning or night. Why Wednesday's you migh ask... well doing exfoliating on Wednesdays will give you the most radiant glowing skin for the weekend. Also it will help your Shoreline Glow spray tan last longer and look fantastic!

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