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A Few Steps To A More Confident YOU!

In the 8 years I’ve been in this industry, I notice how many women and even men believe it or not, struggle with confidence. Sometimes even with the best of our efforts to feel more confident, something falls short mentally.

Keeping the right state of mind is sometimes very difficult, so last night I decided to put together a little check list to ensure that I personally stay positive and maybe by doing so, I can help others find that mental switch to be a more happy & confident person.

Even though everything in my life is going great, I still encounter struggles of self-doubt and low self-esteem. I have a great family and husband who love me, awesome friends, and an amazing career that I love. So what could possibly go wrong? (Remember everything is relative and each situation is different. Though my life isn’t as bad as someone living in a 3rd World County, I still have my own trivial complaints).

Being so far away from Chicago and missing the familiar things I had grown accustomed to over there, sometimes I tend to feel overwhelmed adjusting to my new Canadian life and I tend to take everything too damn seriously causing me to have this pointless mini “wigging out” panic attacks. After struggling with down moments and grim outlook on life (Need an example of my struggles? Ok…my ultimate favorite Nordstrom store is in Ottawa, ON and NOT 20 minuntes from my house as before…There, that’s my struggle people. LOL) So, I decided to take charge, I said enough is enough! So I made this short list of things that make me feel better, both physically and mentally. Here it is for y’all to help maybe prevent anxiety and/or bad ‘tudes so you enjoy your life more confidently!

Work Out!

First on the list is getting a good workout in. This step has been missing from my life pretty much since I moved to Canada. But back in Chicago I used to enjoy waking up, going to the gym, do my morning routine and begin my day feeling fantastic with a clear and satisfied state of mind. After my workout I am ready to conquer the world and whatever it decides to throw at me. So my priority number one right now is to get back to my working out routine. This is a MUST now on my happy list!

Dress Up!

When I say DRESS UP I don’t mean go to the nearest Nordstrom ahem…hehe and buy a high-end evening gown. What I mean is, put yourself together and look presentable. You know, like the girls you PIN on Pinterest all day, well do that! It’s crazy how one simple well selected outfit can make you feel like a million dollars. Especially if you have been working out, right?!

Paint Your Nails!

You don’t have to go get them DID every time either! Go to your local drug store and pick out some fun colors and paint away! This well-deserved “ME” time, not only boosts up your confidence, it brings out your inner girlie girl. Get wild and add some fiery animal print, though we’re in Kitchener we can always rock the Jersey look! Speaking of Jersey brings me to my next point, a TAN!

Get Your Weekend GLOW On!

There is nothing hot about rockin’ the zombie skin! WE ALL LOOK BETTER TAN! Sorry pasty princesses but this is true! You might be saying “oh Paty, you are Hispanic so you already have some color what do you know about pale skin people like us” And I can see you point, I do enjoy a little bit more melanin that most of the people around me right now, so I have it cover right? Think again…. Being in the skin care industry keeps me away from basking in the sun during the summer (I fear wrinkles with a passion) so I fade away furthermore when the cooler weather arrives. I have tried going with my “shade of pale” and it just brings out the death in me which would make sense why while I look in the mirror and I see how pale I have become, it makes me feel super emo and negative as I mentioned before! There is something about looking sun-kissed that makes us feel like we are one of those beautiful bikini models, whether you have the 6 figure paycheck and lifestyle of that sexy model or not…A tan makes us ALL look and feel healthier. Simply more confident! That’s way at Shoreline Glow we say. Wear the color of confidence, YOUR best life accessory!!


Now, that you’ve completed the steps above, this one will come easy. Smile, smile, & smile some more! The effect of a smile to you and the ones around you is priceless and indescribable so smile away and make it a great day!

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