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We Tan Guys Too...

So you’re a guy, and you’re thinking about getting a custom spray tan, it might be intimidating and your male ego may be second-guessing the whole idea.

So instead, you're here reading this post. Well let’s help you get beyond your hesitation! Here are some tanning facts about men:

Did you know....

- Over 25% of clients at any given tanning studio are male and of all ages! - Bodybuilders, both amateur and professional, get spray tanned regularly to define their physique. - Men going on holiday or spending time on the beach want to look like they go there often and avoid burning. - Men concerned about sunburn or who may have sensitive skin get spray tanned to achieve a super natural bronzed color. If you have any other concerns feel free to contact us. Read our reviews, we have many male clients that have experienced a Shoreline Glow sprayt tan and loved it.

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