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Winter Is Here...

This cold weather is starting to take its toll on my skin. And as we look with fear in the mirror it is inevitable...most of us are losing our UV base tans from being outside this summer.

Which means we need to book a Spray Tan to keep our spirits high!!! This is the time when I pull out our original solution and our new Weekendglower solution and custom formulate.

Even thoug I am originally from the South and have naturally color in my skin during the winter here in the North I become very pasty and the harsh winters give me a very dull look. Due to the combination of cold and my lack of consistent moisturizing has led to drier skin. This is the time of year when using a super hydrating aloe based spray tanning solution like the Shoreline Glow's Solution line is vital for having a winter healthy skin. Even with great moisturizing routines we can be dry, but the aloe in our solution actually counteracts any of the typical drying effects of alcohol based solutions and/or lotions. And, as an added bonus it goes above and beyond giving you a built in moisture lock, vitamins and perfectly lasting color.

Sunless Fact:

Dry Skin + Alcohol based = Unevenly fading and Orange hues

Self-tanning lotions, mousse, gels and oils typically will have a high alcohol content which can lead to excess dryness ( I recommend to use them every other day, for a perfect maintenace glow), bad fade as well as the dreaded orange when applied every day.

Often during the winter months, clients will resort to using only self-tanners. Don’t get me wrong, self-tanners give amazing color and great moisture (which many other products are lacking, can you say alligator skin?). It mainly comes down to streakiness and tanned limbs… only. Seriously, who wants to look in the mirror and see a white torso and tan arms and legs? I always hear, “No one will see the rest of me, so why not?” My reply is this: "The most important person, sees you... You" and “You don’t tan for them, you tan for you!”

So, as we enter this holiday season full of party dresses, family, friends and celebrations book your spray tan appointment to achieve that perfect winter glow no matter what amount of skin you are showing (or not lol) and that true beauty comes from within.

A spray tan just adds an extra glow to your holiday celebrations!

Book A Spray Tan Today by cliking here.

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