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I Have Red Hair and/or Fair Skin...Is Spray Tanning for Me?

Suddenly you are starting to notice that all of your girlfriends are avoiding the sun/tanning beds but they are still getting that sought after healthy glow with a spray tan.

You know that you have never been able to get not even a hint of a glow with normal sun exposure. So you ask yourself ”Can a Spray Tan work for me?” The answer is YES! Spray Tanning was mostly developed for all of you fair skin ladies!!!

During all my years as a Bronzing artist, I have come across many clients with porcelain skin tones that have shared this very valid concern….It’s about time for you to shed those fears and let a professional bronzing artist help you achieve the most natural looking glow, you have ever seen on your skin...EVER!!

I know you have probably seen/heard some horror stories of Spray Tanning going bad, but you are just going to have to trust me on this….This is not your mom's spray tan solution! Our formula is designed for the fairest of the fair and designed to fade evenly. Our spray tan solution shade will give you that extra glow that you are looking for without giving you a dramatic transformation…Don’t worry you will not have to change your passport’s nationality any time soon, but you will look like you have spent the most amazing vacation in the Bahamas!!!

Believe it or not, many of our fair skin type ladies that initially had a concern with the application and how it would look on them have become our most loyal and avid spray tan clients of our business! So don’t be afraid, let Paty customize the most natural bronzed look for any event or just because it is about time to see yourself with a bronzed glow!

If you are a bride or have portraits coming up I would highly recommend trying this natural shade.

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