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Spray Tanning for Editorial Photo Shoots

Be camera ready for any event!

If you have an important photo shoot coming up or modeling event you might be thinking about getting a spray tan. It is a great idea as a tan will always make you look thinner, make your teeth look whiter, eyes look brighter and help cover up many skin imperfections. With 8 years of spray tanning experience I can customize the color according to your skin tone and the level of tan you want to achieve. It is not just 1 color fits all. We can also contour to enhance or slim certain body parts that you cannot do if you us a self- tanning product or even in a spray booth. - Modeling - Fitness - Dances - Competitions - Bridal

- Photo Shoots

- Prom

- Vacation Other services provided: - Skin Care - Brow Waxing - Chemical Exfoliation

- Professional Makeup Applications - Wardrobe Styling (Photoshoots & Individuals)

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