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Looking For An Amazing Skin Care Line?

MIla D'Opiz Avaiable at Shoreline Glow

Since 1938, Mila D’Opiz Swiss Skincare has been researching and developing cosmetic products of the highest quality.

Mila D’Opiz has grown over the past eighty years from a pioneering hormonal cream to be one of the leading Swiss skincare companies.

The brand is widely recognized as one of the most effective skin care brands available and has a catalog of over 350 different products!

Mila D’Opiz’s range of products is extensive enough to suit every possible skin type and condition, so whether you are looking for sensitive skin, acne care, anti-aging or hyperpigmentation management, you can be sure Mila D’Opiz has exactly what you need.

And the beauty of it is that it can be found here in Kitchener!!!

If after all your trips to the grocery store's beauty isle looking for good skin care products have not yielded any tangible results and you are now finally ready to address some of your skin care concerns. You can book a personalized skin care consultation with Paty to find out what range of the Mila D'Opiz line is best suited for you. We will discuss your current skin care routine and why it might not be working. Together, we will develop a new skin care routine that will work with your lifestyle, budget but most importantly a skin care routine that finally it will give you the results you are looking for.

Also, you can now schedule a convenient product pick up online!

that can address your specific online and also book online your product pick up 24/7

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