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Safe Skin Care Services For The Cancer Patient

Paty Cholewczynski Oncology Certified Esthetician in Kitchener Waterloo

As one of the first Certified Oncology Esthetician in Kitchener / Waterloo region, I am passionate about offering safe skin care services for women and men battling cancer.

Oncology Esthetics focuses on the individual who needs a safe, gentle, caring touch and a knowledgeable approach to skin care treatments that assist in easing the discomfort that their body and skin endures during and after cancer therapy.

Health challenges, medications, & the side effects of cancer fighting drugs as well as the environment's daily exposure can compromise their skin. Some of the effects can result in irritation, dryness, discomfort and fragility of the skin.

Not to mention the stress and emotional taxing consequences these treatments can bring as well.

Dealing with the physical and emotional side effects of cancer therapies it is a constant day to day battle for individuals going through these harsh treatments. Through a close personal experience with a friend battling breast cancer, I realized how much the cancer patient could benefit from having someone helping them learn how to properly care for their skin during their treatment. This is why I decided to take the steps necessary to obtain an Oncology Esthetics Certification.

I want to be able to provide a safe, relaxing & welcoming atmosphere where individuals battling cancer can receive customized skin care treatments to support their skin during cancer treating therapies and also be able to find respite during this stressful time.

Having been an Esthetician and business owner for over 10 years, it has been a wish of mine to be able to take in clients with compromised skin and now, relying on this new acquired knowledge and training I can now offer safe, effective services with a compassionate touch.

Frequently, individuals going through cancer treatments are turned away from traditional spas due to skin and nail care providers lacking the proper training to safely service cancer patients. I want to bring to KW this service and educate people on how they can safely manage skin, hair and nail issues manifesting during their cancer treatment.

With this amazing certification, I am now properly equipped with the right skills, knowledge and together with my compassionate nature I can truly make a difference for individuals struggling with their skin and stress levels during this difficult time of their lives.

My current focus with this Oncology Certification is to seek ways to enhance the services dermatologists, podiatrists and elder care facilities provide by bringing specialized integumentary system support to their clientele.

One of my promises to all of my clients is to continually strive to be a better oncology-trained esthetician, I keep current with new information and educate clients about self-care and how it can help with cancer survivorship.

My biggest goal in skin care has always been to be able to put smiles back on women’s faces and now I can offer that for the oncology patient as well.

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