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Acne Breakouts During Winter...

Did you know that an increase in acne breakouts can be experienced by many people including those who never get breakouts due to our winter gear?

Believe it or not, the hairs from a scarf or hat will get onto the skin causing irritation and breakouts.

The constant friction of these fashionable warming pieces of clothing can be an aggravating trigger for acne formation.

Our skin is super resilient and can get used to many things, but sometimes the way it can adapt is by developing a tolerance by reacting in the most annoying of ways. One of the ways in which the skin reacts to friction and scratching is inflammation inside and just outside pores. This often can result in painful swelling, redness and hyperpigmentation.

Another way in which skin tries to mitigate this friction, is to cause a little extra oil production to help brace against the friction so there's more "slip". And if there is any pore congestion due to skin being so dry or already existing inflammation from skincare or makeup, this oil can get trapped under those dead skin cells and lead to further inflammation inside the pores. This also results in swelling, redness, and pain.

Scarfs and winter hats, can also trap this excess oil and/or makeup around your neck and jawline, creating a never ending cycle for your skin, aggravating it further more.

So a good habit is to rotate your winter gear and wash your scarves often and wear only when necessary. I mentioned dry skin... during winter we get more dry skin and the problem with super dry skin is that the sebum [our skin’s natural oils] can’t get out.

When the sebum can’t reach the surface of skin, the pores get clogged, causing breakouts.

If you already have a consistent exfoliation routine this should not be a major problem for you. But if you don't have an exfoliation routine, follow a once a week exfoliation regimen, followed by a moisturizer for your right skin type.

So. What can you do if you already are experiencing some breakouts around your jawline or forehead??

Now that you know all about what can contribute to winter breakouts along your jawline and forehead, what can be done about the breakouts that are already there?

A great quick-fix for unruly breakouts is something called "Ice Therapy".

Each morning and evening until the breakouts subside, use a wet terry cloth, wrap an ice cube in it and gently place it on top of the affected area. Count to 5 seconds and then remove, count to 4 seconds and repeat 5 sec & 4 sec series for about 2-3 mins.

Dry the area off gently and rub in a tiny amount of a well-formulated Acne Gel, I always recommend to my clients the PCA Skin Acne gel. It is a fast acting salicylic acid acne treatment that clears existing blemishes and prevents future breakouts.

If your blemishes are especially painful and stubborn, follow the salicylic acid gel with a dab of an oil absorbing mask -- My personal favorite mask is the Mila D'Opiz Purifying Yeast Mask it will address the inflammation. It also disinfects, alleviates skin impurities and stimulates the immune system. If your skin is too sensitive, leave the mask on for 10 minutes then rinse gently with a wet soft cloth.

If your skin is not that sensitive, leave the mask on as long as you wish even over night. Just don’t forget to rinse it off before you leave the house!

As always include your jawline and neck when performing your day and nighttime skincare routines and make sure that your makeup and skincare products are all 100% non-comedogenic!

If you would like to find the right skin care routine to address your acne breakouts or any other skin care concerns feel free to book a skin care consultation with me or One of my amazing cleansing facials. The Acne SOS Facial is an amazing 90 minute facial that will get your decongested and looking fabulous in no time! - Paty 👩‍💻

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