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Organic, Vegan All Natural Body Care

Missing the smell of summer on your skin? This amazing line is perfect to restore dry winter skin.

Body Wash: Revitalizing body wash infused with pure plant, herb and flower extracts that purify, refresh and tone skin. Ginkgo Biloba contains natural anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties while green tea extract guards against the signs of aging.

Foaming Body Scrub: Our daily foaming body scrub infused with finely ground walnut shell powder gently exfoliates skin leaving it smooth, silky and radiant. Certified organic comfrey flower extract promotes healing and restores damages cells while the warm aroma of CocoVanilla warms you from the outside in.

Body Lotion: Rich and deeply moisturizing, this brilliant body lotion is infused with anti-aging vegan hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants to restore skins youthful appearance by replenishing collagen and repairing dry, stressed skin. Warm Tahitian Vanilla and sensual carmel combine with coconut oil to an intoxicating aroma.

- No Animal Test /or Ingredients - Environmentally Friendly - Gluten Free - Natural - Vegan

Other aromas available at Shoreline Glow, Pink Grapefruit & White + Green Tea

Available at Shoreline Glow!

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