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Pro Dermal Active Treatment by O'Cosmedics

In 2021 my hubby decided to at last start with a simple skin care routine.

Despite being married to an Esthetician he wasn't very eager to develop a skin care routine. And to be honest, since he's 7 yrs younger than me. I wasn't really pushing him too much.

From time to time he is my new treatment "practice person" so he gets the sporadic special treatment.

The before photo was taken back in 2021, when I was going to do the new Oxygeneo treatment I had just brought in to the studio, then shortly after he started with O'Cosmedics for his skin care routine.

Last week on June 7th, we did the New Pro Dermal Active Treatment by O'Cosmedics and oh WOW!

He's skin has done a remarkable job in healing and reclaiming some of his youthful appearance.

He's now asking for a microneedling treatment. I think I've created a monster!

The moral of the story, it's never too late to support your skin’s aging process.

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