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The Tesla of Gua-Sha’s has arrived at Shoreline Glow!

Updated: Apr 11

Wanting to sculpt your face? Highlight your cheekbones? Lift and and firm your skin? Increase circulation? Have a facial massage in the comfort of your home?

This is for you!

Introducing the newest member of the O Cosmedics family, the O-REJUV Facial Device!

O' Rejuv is the ultimate home-care system designed to lift, plump, firm, tone, rejuvenate, clear and detoxify the skin.

Like a gym session for your skin, this compact, non-invasive, multifunctional device works by combining thermal massage, low-level EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology and red and blue LED therapy to stimulate the skin’s micro-circulation and oxygenate for healthier blood flow and nutrient delivery resulting in glowing, toned, healthy skin.

The Gua Sha gets a glow up with the O' Rejuv – one device, four modes:

Mode 1: Collagen + Elastin: Supports collagen production, reduces fine lines, restores skin texture and tone, improves circulation, reduces inflammation and puffiness, brightens and rejuvenates Mode 2: Clear + Purify: Detoxifies and clears, calms and soothes, improves circulation, brightens and rejuvenates, reduces inflammation and puffiness Mode 3: Lift + Firm: Lifts and firms, increases muscle stimulation, facial contouring, reduces fine lines, improve skin texture and complexion Mode 4: Tone + Plump: Intensify each mode with this additional vibration mode

Introductory offer!

Purchase the O' Rejuv & Youth Activating Oil-Balm Bundle and save 20% off for the ultimate application and results.

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