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Great Facials & Skin Care in Kitchener - Waterloo

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Sometimes a little bit of exfoliation and hydration is what our skin needs to bounce back and give us radiance.

My client's current skin care routine is: only washes her face with a neutral soap, and uses an off-the-shelf moisturizer.

During our consultation she also reported that lately she has noticed some loss of elasticity and dullness in her skin.

I did the Instant Glow Facial and I focused on exfoliation and hydration for her first treatment. After, I gave her some samples from one of my skin care lines: Exfoliant and Moisturizer to incorporate into her skin care routine.

As she continues on this journey to great skin with me, we will be working on improving her elasticity, texture and overall skin tone.

I am so excited to see the improvements in her skin with just one facial. 💆‍♀️

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