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Skin Care Line Safe for Compromised Skin Due to Cancer Therapies.

When it comes to buying skin care products there are a number of general rules of thumb cancer survivors should consider:

•Choose creams and ointments rather than lotions. Creams are generally more effective at retaining moisture.

•Choose fragrance-free soaps and creams.

•Generally speaking, choose products with fewer ingredients.

•Choose synthetic-free and non-carcinogenic products.

•Avoid using products you don’t need.

Consulting with a skin care professional experienced with the symptoms and specific side effects of cancer treatment and skin toxicity is best. Certified Oncology esthetics practitioners are qualified to help clients choose the right skin care products given a patient’s individual treatments, current health, and even budget.

Book a Skin Care consultation at Shoreline Glow and find out how you can safely support your skin.

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