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Shoreline Glow: A Journey of Love, Healing, and Soulful Transformation... 16 Years of fulfilling a passion.

Wow, I can't believe that was me 16 years ago...

Sixteen years ago, in a burst of what I call now - inspiration, Shoreline Glow came into being. It started its journey back in Wheaton, IL as Spatini Lounge, with the motto "A happy hour for your skin," promising blissful fun filled rejuvenation. But as fate guided me to Canada, my haven transformed into Shoreline Glow, offering the now famous "90 Minutes of Pure Bliss," a testament to the tranquil haven I've meticulously envisioned.

My leap into entrepreneurship wasn't just a decision—it felt like destiny calling, a rendezvous between my spirit and its purpose. It beckoned me, aligning with the intricate plans of my soul's blueprint. And now, as I immerse myself in classes on breathwork, cold plunge coaching, and guided meditation, I find myself gathering the tools of a future still unfolding—a structure waiting to be erected, my soul's mission waiting to be fulfilled.

In the whispers of intuition, I sense my role in this world—to be a vessel for love and healing. Over the past four years, my innate gift deeply flourished, surpassing the boundaries of what I once thought possible. And it's all for those who grace my sanctuary seeking solace, seeking restoration—a journey back to themselves not only to rejuvenate their skin but also their spirits.

With every touch, I weave a tapestry of transcendence and euphoria, an alchemy of love and healing that reverberates beyond these walls. For each soul touched by my hands, there's a ripple effect—an awakening to the boundless wellspring of love within.

As I reflect on the past 16 years, I'm humbled by the symphony of self-discovery and service that has unfolded. And to those who've entrusted me with their journey, I offer my deepest gratitude—for allowing my touch to be a conduit for healing and love, for embracing a heart-centered experience that transcends the physical and resonates with the soul.

Happy 16 years of living my life's calling and super excited to see it evolving over the next few years.

- Paty C.


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